How You Know it’s Time to Move

How You Know it’s Time to Move

Reason #10: When you first bought the house, you were out in the country, but now that same house is part of the city scene.

Reason #9: You can’t get anything repaired because “they stopped making those parts years ago.”

Reason #8: The swing set out in the backyard has grown roots.

Reason #7: The plumber’s phone number is on your speed dial.

Reason #6: You’re on a first-name basis with the handyman.

Reason #5: The children’s rooms have all been turned into guest bedrooms.

Reason #4: The newspaper lining the guest room dresser is dated July 4th, 1976.

Reason #3: You have to move the furniture to see the carpet’s original color.

Reason #2: You can’t do anything to the exterior of your home without getting approval from the “Board of Historic Places”.

Reason #1: You haven’t visited half the house in the last six months


If your faced with these problems, maybe it's time to get listed, and get sold with the LaGuff Realty Team.

Contact either Roeann LaGuff at 902-483-6758, or Gordie LaGuff at 902-802-1002




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