Do you believe in the numerology of addresses?

We all have lucky numbers! Little nuances that we guide our life by, no matter how strange some might think it is. Some believe in lucky 7’s or lucky 8’s for the Chinese culture. Others feel the number 13 is unlucky or in Chinese culture the number 4. 
Have you ever lived in a residence where everything just feels right?  The home gives you a good and peaceful feeling. OR have you ever lived in a residence where something just feels off? You can’t put your finger on it but things just aren’t jiving right? Some believe that that feeling is based on the numerology of your home address. The numbers of your address give off a vibrational matrix that embodies the homes individuality and personality. 

Knowing the personality of your home or potential home could allow you to get the perfect match for you and your family! 

How to calculate the numerology of your residence:  
In order to calculate the numerology of your home, you must reduce the address to a single digit. 
For example, 1792  Creek Road.  (1+7+9+2 = 19) (1+9=10) (1+0 =1)  
If you live in an apartment or condominium only calculate the unit number, not the street address. 
For example, 233 Buffalo Lane Unit 22 (2+2=4) 

Once you have calculated your homes number you can find it’s meaning here: 


A residence with the number 1 is suited to a person living on their own/ independently. This space is perfect for a strong independent, self motivated and confident person. Great space for a fresh start and to find your independence! 

A residence with the number 2 is suited for couples of roommates. This space 
represents team work, harmony, bonding, and balance.  It is a great place to host events and social gatherings. Thoughtful people will thrive in this space. 
A residence with the number 3 is full of positive energy, joy, lightness, and laughter. It is a great place for artistic and creative souls. Visitors are welcome here. It is a great place for social gatherings and parties. 


A residence with the number 4 attracts people of a serious nature. Usually people who reside here follow rules and take things very seriously. Stability and practicality are virtues of people who live in this space. 


A residence with the number 5 embrace change and lots of activity! People who are flexible, outgoing, and curious thrive here. People come and go in these spaces a lot. Would be a great place for renters, a B&B, or small home based businesses. 


A residence with the number 6 embodies a true family home. It is a place full of traditions, beauty, nurturing, and family values. There is a sense of safety and security in these spaces. Family events, holidays, and traditions are shared and enjoyed by all in these spaces. 


A residence with the number 7 embodies calm, quiet, and peaceful energy. Many people find this space inspirational and motivating. Some look at it as a tranquil escape from the outside world. I place to recharge and rejuvenate.  Those who work from home thrive in these spaces. 


A residence with the number 8 embodies power and is looked at as a good investment.  As 8 being known as the money number, these spaces are often luxurious, with art collections with well-maintained and designed interiors for all to enjoy. 


A residence with the number 9 embodies compassion, compact, and tolerance. It is a place where growth and prosperity are prevalent. Friends and family are valued in this space. It is a place of love, acceptance, and positive energy.

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