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Haliburton Village Turns How Old?

Haliburton Village, officially settled in 1864, turns 150 years old this year. Let’s celebrate! We’ve actually already been celebrating in a variety of ways but, if you’ve missed out don’t worry, there are still more fun events to come. I was privileged to attend a birthday celebration held in Glebe Park on August 9th hosted by the Haliburton Highlands Museum. The organizers had set up game stations, ...

Way to go Jacob Bishop!

Congratulations to Jacob Bishop, son of Drew & Kristin Bishop, who won the Roots Wake Series title for rookie boys 17 and under class. For more details on his achievement please read pages 24 & 26 of The Haliburton County Echo for Tuesday, August 5, 2014.

Positivity Challenge - Are you up for the challenge?

Circulating on my Facebook account is a "Positivity Challenge" prompting my friends and family members to come up with 3 items that they are grateful or thankful for. I was recently tagged into this challenge (although I have suspected for while that it was coming) and have therefore, had plenty of time to think about the things that I most wish to acknowledge in my own life. Number two on the list, ...

Cottage Life Show!

We're located in Hall 2, Aisle 1100 , Booth 1137 - please stop by and say hi!


It is officially, the first day of Spring. Here in the village of Haliburton it isn't looking stereo-typically Spring-like, what with the blowing snow and high winds but...we know it's coming. I have probably enjoyed this past winter the most in quite a long time as I found some winter activities that I truly LOVED namely; snowshoeing and cross country skiing in addition to the usual staples of ice ...

Haliburton's Olympic Dreams!

As those of you living in Haliburton already know, one of our very own local boys, Matt Duchene, is at the 2014 Sochi Olympics ready to complete on behalf of Canada in men's hockey.  While some disappointing news of Matt sitting out the first game has arisen, it is awesome to see the village of Haliburton rally behind their hometown boy to offer their full fledged support. Yay Matt!  Great ...

Snowshoeing Fun!

This is how I spent my day off.  Snowshoeing with my best girl!    

Haliburton is a Winter Wonderland!

  Isn't it beautiful?

Rent or Own?

To rent or own?  This is a question that many people ponder.  Your primary consideration should be finding a suitable place for you and your family where you will be comfortable for many years.  Assuming you are planning on staying in the same community for a while, most people would prefer to own rather than rent.  This is due to the fact that your home provides a long-term investment ...

End of Year - Market Update

Happy New Year everyone. I thought I would update you on our market for 2013. As mentioned before, we had a very slow spring and early summer, but very robust late summer and fall. Overall, waterfront property sales improved on volume by 4% compared to last year. Prices remained stable compared to 2012 (down 2%) BUT have improved 7% from 2011. I think the good late fall will continue to being ...