Fun in the Sun!

Summer has arrived in the Highlands and it is in full swing!

 The weather is hot and sunny and the days are long.  This is just the way that the summer should be.  This weekend we've been privileged to have some old family friends stay with our family and we've been able to experience the Haliburton Highlands, as they have, with our tourist goggles on!

We are 2 families with 3 children between us ages 10, 9 and 6 so we went looking for experiences that are relatively close to home (Haliburton), fairly inexpensive and we wanted to be outside.  So, we grabbed our hats, sunscreen and some water bottles and set off for adventure.  

Saturday - We eased into the fun with a romp around the Sculpture Forest in Haliburton Village with our very excited Golden Doodle.  What a wonderful place to wander around!  We were excited to note that the "Pioneer" village had its doors open so that we could investigate the inner workings of several turn of the century buildings and gain valuable information from the gentleman employed by the municipality who was manning the black smith shop.  Thank you kind sir!  

From there we browsed the many shops of Haliburton Village making several purchases of both the food and non-food variety including some flotation devices for Sunday's plans of a float down the river.

Sunday - The main event was "The River Float" - for anyone who has never done this you really need to give it a try.  We had 7 people float down a section of the Gull River on Sunday.  With an assortment of flotation devices including but not limited to life jackets, a boat, water chairs & floating rings... we laughed from start to finish.  We temporarily lost shoes in muddy sections, did up close and personal visual inspections of trees on the way down, portaged around a rough section and let the kids ride the current in just their life jackets.  At one point, we also retrieved our beloved dog (who had been waiting patiently for us with family members) for a float down the bottom section of the river making this a fun trip for the whole family. What a great time and were we ever tired that night! :)  The added bonus is that now we all have bragging rights about how we braved the mighty river.  But really, if you have a chance, what a great way to spend a hot and sunny day.  We concluded our float with a swim and play in the sand at a local beach.  Summer perfection for sure.

How would we top this you might wonder?  

Monday - We took our guests to the Minden Wild Water Preserve for some fishing, hiking and kayak watching.  There is truly nothing like the sound of the white water as it rushes past and nothing more refreshing then sticking hot feet into the cooling water for just a few minutes.

Tuesday - Back  to realty for the locals as we head back to work but we still have a couple of things up our sleeves to treat our guests to including a unique night at the local movie theatre, Highlands Cinemas in Kinmount.  As we explained to our guests, it's definitely not a Cineplex but how great is it to be able to watch new releases in such a unique setting?  I'm so looking forward to this, our next adventure in the Highlands.

Haliburton Highlands, "A Natural Work of Art" and truly the best place to be in the summer!

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