Hunting Season in Haliburton

Hunting - it's a tradition in Haliburton County and with Moose season opening on Monday, October 15th it is fast approaching.  

The Haliburton County tourism website has this to say about the hunting season:

Scope this out! Black bear, white tail deer, and timber wolf abound throughout the Highlands. Whether your choice of arms is a rifle, a bow, or a camera, Haliburton is the quintessential back to nature hunting experience.

Haliburton Highlands is a hunter's paradise

Photo courtesy of David C. Page

Sep 01 - Nov 30 Black Bear

Nov 05 - Nov 18 Whitetail Deer

Oct 01 - Nov 06 & Nov 20-30 Whitetail Deer (Archery)

Oct 15 - Oct 20 Moose

Sep 20 - Dec 15 Pheasant, Sharp Tailed Grouse, Ptarmigan

Sep 15 - Mar 31 Wolf & Coyote (except Harcourt)

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