It's Back to School Day!


This is always a day that is met with varying mixed emotions.  Kids are excited to return to school to see their friends and favourite teachers while they are a bit nervous about what the coming year will bring.   My opinion is that parents are in a similar boat.  They are happy to have their kids return to a regular routine with the school day and to no longer have to coordinate daily child care as they did for the summer months but they are sad that another year has passed and that the kids keep moving one step further into adulthood.


My kids are still young, so I know that I still have several years with them at home, but already I'm worried about how my home will feel when I no longer have the running/laughing/yelling chaos that I now consider normal. To those parents currently in that situation, let me know what you do to fill up the silences, maybe I'll start making a list for when my time comes!


Don`t get me wrong, September is by far my favourite month with the crisp fall air, the leaves starting to change colours, cooler temperatures during the days and yes, also the fewer number of bugs!  In my humble opinion, there is nowhere more beautiful then the Haliburton Highlands in the fall.  If you aren`t privledged enough to live here and you`ve never visited the Haliburton Highlands in the fall, you are truly missing an amazing sight.  With events like the Hike Haliburton Festival and the Haliburton County Studio Tour we have lots of attractions available to encourage your drive to this area and you really won`t regret it.


What`s next for me, I`m going to try and eek a little bit more family time out of this `summer` by taking my family camping for the weekend so we can enjoy each other and the great weather before the snow begins to fly or the kids stop wanting to talk to me - whichever comes first! :)


Enjoy your day!


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