Live Family Entertainment Coming THIS Weekend!

Century 21 Granite Realty Group Ltd. is proud to sponsor Razzamataz Kids Shows!  

Coming this Sunday... 

Heath Tarlin Entertainment Presents “Cake and I Scream”

Sunday October 14, 2012 at 2:00 pm at The Northern Light Theatre

This is a story of two people, Hank and Shirley, trying their hands at opening a brand new restaurant. There is only one problem, it’s right next to an amusement park! Hank and Shirley are a little worried about competing with all the fun next door, until they hit on a plan to make their restaurant every bit as entertaining as the rides and games at the amusement park. Yes, they’re spicing it up and we’re not talking about the food! The main dish is on fire, the plates are spinning and the spaghetti is flying! The big question is – will Hank and Shirley’s crazy inventions and wild antics make their restaurant a success? Of course! This is a comedy!


These shows are great live entertainment for ages 2 and up!  For more details including future shows, dates, times and cost - check out

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