Part 2 of 2 - What Does "Full Service Real Estate in the Halburton Highlands" mean? Buying Side


By now you have hopefully been to visit our blog page on previous occasions as a source of information for things that are happening in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands.

You may have noticed at the top of the page the words “Full Service Real Estate in the Haliburton Highlands.”  What does that mean you may ask yourself?

Today’s blog is part 2 of a 2 part blog series where the terms “full service real estate” will be explained to you. This second part will focus on the buying process and why you want full service when you buy a new cottage or home in the Haliburton Highlands.

With a full service real estate company the process from start to finish is completed with a knowledgeable and professional realtor by your side.  The typical steps are as follows”

-          A time is selected where you and your selected real estate agent can meet to discuss your criteria for what you are looking for in your new home/cottage.

-         Your agent will gather data from the real estate software which fits your criteria for you to review.

-         When you’ve sorted through this information you are now able to have your real estate agent book appointments so that you can go to the actual properties to view them together.

-         When you have found the property that you love your agent will begin the offer process on your behalf.  This process begins with the agent completing the appropriate offer according to your wishes while informing you about additional clauses that should be added in order to protect your interests in the forthcoming offer negotiations.

-  Be patient- negotiations are stressful – this is one of the key reason as to why you have someone negotiating on your behalf.

-  Be sure to be clear about any chattels that you wish to have included to prevent problems down the road.

- Your real estate agent will be able to assist you in finding lawyers, home inspectors, building contractors, financing options and answers to most other questions that will arise during the creation of your offer so don’t hesitate to ask them for help if you are uncertain as to why you need a clause or how best to approach a problem.

-  Once the offer documents are prepared your real estate agent will contact the listing realtor and begin negotiations while keeping you informed every step of the way.

-  When your offer is accepted, you’ll have a set period to time to do several things.

  • You will need to provide a deposit to show good faith to the listing brokerage.  In effect,  your deposit holds the property on your behalf.  An offer isn’t officially accepted until the agreed upon deposit money has been received.  The listing brokerage will keep your money in their trust account until closing.
  • You will also use this time to fulfill any conditions that you may have placed on your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.  These clauses, as an example, a financing clause allow you the opportunity to confirm with your bank/lending company that you are qualified to receive the amount of money that you require to complete the transaction.  This is however, just an example of a condition and is in no way the only condition that you may require for your successful purchase.
  • -  When you are ready, your real estate agent will complete the appropriate paperwork to remove said conditions and now you are simply awaiting the previously determined closing date.

-  Prior to the closing date you’ll need to meet with your lawyer to provide to them the remainder of the funds and to sign the paperwork which will make the property yours on the scheduled closing day.

Now that we’ve completed the steps that your full service real estate agent will provide when you list a property with Century 21 Granite Realty Group Ltd. please check back for part 2 of this blog series which explains your representation when you make an offer to purchase a property through our company.