Remembrance Day

My apologies to all that I missed doing an entry to make mention of Remembrance Day before November 11th passed.  It’s not because I was being disrespectful or didn’t mean to write, it was simply that I didn’t have the words.

My oldest child did a project in her classroom the other day whereby the kids were asked to talk to family members to gather personal stories about their ancestors roles in any part of a war effort.  My daughter was blessed with personal stories from both sides of her family which she was then able to relate to her classmates.

What a great project idea!  This project not only gave my daughter a chance to learn about her own personal history but it also gave her grandparents a chance to tell some stories to a very willing and receptive audience.  In my books this is a success all the way around which made everyone happy.  The fact that we let our daughter call each of her grandparents to ask them for their stories on the phone was also a bit of a hit for her if I’m being honest. :)

Although Remembrance Day has passed for another year it is never a wrong time to take a moment to pause and say thank you for those who have sacrificed so much for us to have the opportunity to live and work and play and love in a wonderful country like Canada.

Thank you!

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