It is officially, the first day of Spring.

Here in the village of Haliburton it isn't looking stereo-typically Spring-like, what with the blowing snow and high winds but...we know it's coming.

I have probably enjoyed this past winter the most in quite a long time as I found some winter activities that I truly LOVED namely; snowshoeing and cross country skiing in addition to the usual staples of ice skating, tobogganing and downhill skiing. I can't say that I'm an expert at any of these sports but I went out and had fun and the best part is that my family could join me in all of these activities.

There have been hints of the coming spring - I was able to wear my running shoes on a walk the other day with my dog and I was able to walk and pick up my children after school. We all strutted down the boardwalk with our coats off (or at least unbuttoned) for the first time it what feels like AGES!

It truly is the little things that make life good.

Now borrowing some slogans from the company, Life is Good!

I'm personally excited for this...

life is good - daisy

so that this can happen!


What are you looking forward to as the seasons change?

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