Volunteer Firefighters

Did you know that Haliburton County is almost completely serviced by volunteer firefighters? It is my understanding that the only full time paid positions are that of the fire chiefs at each of the bases, the rest of the departments are comprised of volunteers.

The Haliburton County Echo did a fantastic write up a couple of weeks ago highlighting the dedication and level of self sacrifice that these volunteers give to the community. As a testament to the volunteers and the love of this position there have also been several local families where several generations have volunteered. Over time, calls have definitely changed in type, duration, equipment and number - what a great conversation starter with your grandparents to discuss how things have changed on a topic that you both love!

As the wife of one said volunteer, I can assure you that most calls don't come in at opportune times of the day. They are often in the middle of the night, in blizzards or tornadoes, during family outings and on holiday weekends. The volunteers are always on call - 24/7. It is true that they don't always attend every call but the reality is that the majority of the volunteers (and their families) do make a lot of personal sacrifices when the pagers call the volunteers to action at a scene somewhere, to help with something in order to help someone.

Please remember if you are driving and see a flashing green light behind you that it is a volunteer firefighter responding to the sound of their pager. Please pull over so that they can get where they need to go as fast and as safely possible. Your assistance is always appreciated.

Thank you - to all the volunteer firefighters who continue to do what they love to do!

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