Investment overseas !!!! A glimpse of the south east market

Welcome to my blog. The purpose of writing this blog is to share the information with you. In this blog I would be sharing interesting experiences and intriguing viewpoints I come across and my interpretation of the subject and of the topic I am writing about.
I recently took  a trip to India to look at the real estate investment opportunities. It is the common notion that the investors and buyers had pulled back and there is a slump in the market that was once booming and grossly over valued. This led to huge projects and multiple new ventures to pop up in the states of Punjab and Haryana. Most of which have failed miserably. I go looking for the lucrative deals or steals. A good example would be the rush of foreign investors in the US after the market crash in '08.

What made me often wonder was where did all this money come from, who is this new Bourgeoisie and where did they come from and how did they make this fortune so quick. So, I talked to the local Realtors and had in depth discussions with my contacts in the region. The common and professional understanding was alike. Unprecedented boom in the real estate prices in the region especially areas surrounding the Union Territory of Chandigarh. Which by the way was the first plannes city in the country and the creation of a French architect named Le CorbusierPierre Jeanneret, Jane Drew, and Maxwell Fry. It also is my hometown. Chandigarh is one of the 7 Union Territories that come under the jurisdiction of the central government, thus, the name Union Territories. These are prime cities acquired strategically all over the country. Other territories are National capital territory of Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Daman and Diu, Pondicherry, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, and Lakshadweep.


I had a very clear agenda to go get the information about distressed sales, find other deals that would generate ROI within 5 years and judge the political climate to inform my clients of the risks involved in doing business with the largest democracy in the World, which now is in the process of assimilating the largest biometric database of its citizens. Code named Aadhar, it's a concept which is something similar to S.I.N cards we have here. I must say what a mammoth, astonishing and visionary project it is and it takes a dedicated leadership to implement such a change. To be actually implemented, its commendable at so many levels.

I apologize for going a little off-topic here. Getting back to the point.

After meeting with various agents and looking at what the market had to offer, I was able to prepare the reports for my clients. To get the information was easy but to verify the same was dreadful but hopefully fruitful.

I generated a few investment portfolios including rental units, commerical properties, and agriculural opportunities and properties that could be acquired at throw away prices. All these seem very Promising  for investors depending on what their investment objectives are in the short and long term. 

I was able to work out a list of Realtors who are credible and knowledgeable and also have influence to get the deal done. What really attracted me to the country was its huge potential for investments and the diverse portfolios available to make a balanced investment descision. 

That is it for now .. See you next month with a new topic - To Buy or to hold off in 2014 ... From a buyers pespective. 


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