Prevent HEAT LOSS form windows and doors

Prevent HEAT LOSS form windows and doors

Feeling cold in your house even with heat turned on and thermostat set to above 23 degrees. A simple explanation to this issue could be the loss of heat from small cracks or leaks in the windows and doors in your home.

Fixing the heat loss would not only help in reducing your bills, but also reduce the effect of some rooms feeling colder than others. It only requires minimal effort and material to do that.


Now, how would you do that? Keep reading.

  1. First step would be to inspect each window and door for small cracks and gaps, broken caulking, etc. also check them from the outside.
  2. Close all windows tightly and turn on the exhaust fans, now you detect the drafts easily.
  3. Take a lit candle or a lighter and slowly move it along the edges of the window (keep the safety in mind) being examined. If you notice the fluttering of the flame, you have just found a leak.
  4. Visit some hardware store, where you can buy sticky rolls of foam (weather stripping). It comes both in rubber and plastic. Or you can make use of latex caulking to stop the leaks.
  5. Before you can apply the new sealant don’t forget to remove the old and worn sealant, and always clean the area with some detergent mixed in water.

If would like more detailed information on the topic of weather stripping and how to apply it in an effective manner , here is a great article “ How to Install Weather Stripping ”

Asharpal Singh