10 reasons the cottage is more relaxing in winter....

Summer is the traditional time to enjoy the cottage, however here are 10 reasons the cottage is more relaxing in winter.

  1. The smothering effect of snow
    Silence is golden when in the woods after a snowfall.
  2. The vacant roads
  3. The sound and smell
    The crackle of a wood fire and the gentle smell of smoke.
  4. The opportunity to rest
    You're limited as to what you can do in winter....enjoy the break!
  5. The lack of people
    The local marina doesn't run out of newspapers or fresh cinnamon buns.  Plus, you'll have more time to vsit with year-round residents.
  6. The pure white snow
  7. The excuse to stay in
    Because it gets dark so early, you tend to spend more time inside.  Reading by the fire or doing jigsaw puzzles or board games or painting or drawing or crafting or watching the Winnipeg Jets.....
  8. The complete silence
    The sound of voices, stereos and motor boats drifting across the lake are mercifully missing.
  9. The activities
    Whether it's a glide through the forest on skis, snowshoeing on the lake or a cruise down the snowmobile trail, there are plenty of options to help forget the cold.
  10. The bragging rights
    If you get snowed in, you'll have a great story to share with friends.

    Excerpts with thanks from Cottage Life


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