American Buyers and Cottage Trivia

The lower Canadian dollar may entice interest from American Buyers in 2016;  the upcoming U.S. presidential election may have an influence as well.

AMERICAN BUYERS - As of this morning, $72,500 USD is worth approx. $100,000 CDN.  Therefore, a property selling for $280,000 CDN is equivalent to $203,095 USD and a property selling for $500,000 CDN is equivalent to $362,669 USD.

AMERICAN SELLERS - If you are thinking of selling your Canadian property, consider that it may take more than one season to sell.  While the low Canadian dollar may be discouraging, once your property has sold, your sales proceeds are liquid and may be parked in a Canadian bank account until the exchange rate improves.
Real estate sales fees are 100% deductable from any capital gains taxes.  

Cottage Trivia  (Source: Cottage Life Trivia Calendar, used with permission)
February 1897 - Alfred L. Cralle of Pittsburgh received the patent for an early ice cream scoop.
Coyotes start breeding in February.
February 11, 1977 - A fisherman in Nova Scotia caught the heaviest-ever lobster: 44 lbs, 6 oz.
February 14 - Valentine's Day
Grey jays, which do not migrate, start building their nests in February.
Who Knew?  The exact birthplace of poutine is contested (but it emerged from rural Quebec in the late 1950s)
Wild Fact  B.C. is home to more than half of Canada's fish and wildlife species.
North America's first bird sanctuary was established at Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan, in 1887.

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