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We have reached the time of year where darkness comes early and a chill is in the air. As the nights get longer, the rain pelts against the windows and the wind howls through our chimneys it is easy for my mind to conjure up the spooks of the other-world to haunt me. I love a good haunted tale, be it book or video, on an eerie, stormy night where my imagination can run freely. My house is not haunted but I am lucky to live in a city that is widely regarded as a highly haunted city.

One of my personal favorites is Hatley Castle, now Royal Roads University. Some speculate it is haunted by it's first owner, James Dunsmuir and his wife. There have been many reports of spooky occurrences, ghostly sightings, flying objects and the such."Ghost Specialists" were even sent out to investigate the reported hauntings (article here). Walking the grounds on a chilly, misty morning you can feel the history and mystery surrounding the castle.

Craigdarroch Castle  is another spooktakular Victoria Heritage location. There have been reports of the piano playing by itself and others have "sensed" otherworldly presences. I love the beauty and incredible detail in the castle, it is easy for me to imagine it's designers wanting to stay around.

Driving up to Point Ellice House  is an experience in itself. Situated in an industrial district you might think you have lost your way. It is the home that feels most "haunted" to me probably because it stands in such contrast to the modern industry around it. It is also the house I feel the most connected to the past residents and so it is easier to imagine them standing behind me as I explore the home the lived in and loved.

The idea of a haunted house has been around for centuries but have you ever considered living in one? Would you buy the house if you knew it was supposedly haunted? Do you think this is something that a Seller should disclose? My next blog will cover the Real Estate repercussions of buying and selling haunted or stigmatized homes in Victoria.

 Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!

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