Saturday Strolls - Charlie's Trail

This week Derbi and I headed out to Charlie's Trail located on the grounds of Royal Roads. It is amazing how I can feel the healing energy of the forest as soon as I enter. The trail offers a lush forest with giant ferns, wandering streams, mini waterfalls, and ravines covered with abundant plant life.


A gentle sloping trail takes you to through the forest and out into the open fields of Hatley's Castle. Awesome views out over the lagoon with an abundance of birds and sea life are sure to please even the most jaded of us. It is easy to lose track of time enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you here on our amazing island, pretty close to paradise if you ask me!

If you are looking for a nice stroll be sure to check this one out!


Guinevere Howes

Guinevere Howes

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