Effective Ways to Rethink Underused Rooms in Your Home

Many homeowners who have a formal living room and dining rooms rarely use them except for special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The same goes for unused square footage such as breakfast nooks, laundry rooms, and hallways and even spare bedrooms—space wasted most or all of the year. There is a cure for all the wasted space in your home: rethinking your rooms. The fact is that a room is called a dinning or living room does not mean that’s the only function for the room. Many potential buyers and current homeowners might want to spend the time rethinking and rearranging the rooms in their homes. Here are some ideas on how to repurpose the underused spaces in your home:

Turn too-small bedrooms into closets or a extra bathroom: if you have a bedroom that’s so tiny that it’s hardly used for it’s purpose, and only when the occasional guest comes to town, consider purchasing a sleeper sofa. Another option would be to invest in adding another bathroom in your home.

Turn a wide hallway or under a stair space into a study or storage area: even if every room in your home is being used, you might be able to find underutilized areas and spaces that can be arranged to be more efficient.  Common areas are wide hallways and spaces under the stairs, both of which make excellent spaces for custom built-in storage or a desk.

Turn dining room into a office or multifunctional room: many homeowners who have unused rooms in their home consider turning them into multifunctional rooms such as using their living room as a office as well as a living room. Many people work at home these days, at least part of the time, so using a living room as a living room/office can be useful.

Turn a breakfast nook into a workspace: if you’re fortunate to have a breakfast nook in your kitchen or another casual dining area, it may come in handy to use it as a spot to organize your daily life and take care of some of the household responsibilities. If this is what the space is currently being used for it might make sense to keep using the space for what you need and optimize it by bringing organization and storage to prevent and cut down on the clutter.

Turn too-large great room into living, dining, or study area: a number of homeowners with great rooms find that they furnish these massive, vaulted rooms beautifully upon moving in, never to enter more than a corner of the space again. A great room presents the perfect opportunity to carve out and repurpose the space you have in a way that aligns with the activities that take place in your home. If you have a great room, but no assigned office or casual dining or living area—consider turning part of your great room into one of these areas.

Turn basement or laundry room into a mudroom: many people think about “underused space,” and what instantly comes to mind is the basement. Basements often have entry doors to the exterior of the home, and many have plumbing. This makes them the ideal site for a mudroom or a bathroom.

Turn formal living room into a library: if you have a formal living room that isn’t being used, consider installing bookshelves and converting the space into a library.


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