End of Summer Checklist

Summer always seems to go by so fast. One minute you’re sitting outside in shorts and a t-shirt and the next, you’re putting on a sweater to keep warm. While it’s important to savour those final warm days, it’s also important to spend some time preparing your home for the fall and winter. That means checking to see that both the exterior and interior of your home is ready for cooler temperatures and potentially harsh weather.

Inspect the Deck: One quick go-round to check for cracks, loose boards, and unstable railings can make a big difference. Tend to small repairs now and your deck has a much better chance of staying in shape through the fall and winter. You’ll also minimize the risk of potential slips and falls. Post fix-up; throw a coat of sealant on to prevent damage from future snow, ice, and rain.

Know Your Air Flow: Cleaning ducts, baseboard heaters and dryer vents of dust and debris will reduce your risk of a fire and create a smoother flow of warm air throughout the house.

Turn Up the Heat: The last thing you’re probably thinking about during the summer’s last blaze is your heating system. Pre-fall is the perfect time to have it serviced by a licensed heating contractor. They’ll change furnace filters and check to make sure everything is running efficiently, so you’re less likely to have problem during the winter.

Seal the Deal: Windows and doors are major culprits when it comes to abnormally high heating bills. Instead of paying a lot of money to keep your home warm, check the frames for small cracks and separations and apply weather stripping and caulking where needed. Don’t forget to attend to basement and attic windows as well as your garage door. A properly sealed home keeps heat in, reducing the size of your bill.

 Reverse Your Fans: Switch the direction of your ceiling fan and you’ll up the warmth in your home, especially in vaulted rooms. The upward draft pulls air down from the ceiling and distributes it throughout. As a result, you may even be able to lower the thermostat by a degree or two.

Test Your Winter Equipment: Snow may be months away, but you don’t want to get caught without the right equipment. Check to see that your snowblower runs smoothly and that shovels and rakes are in good shape.

Play Chimney Sweep: Nothing beats a warm fire on a chilly fall night. But if you’ve got animals nesting in your chimney, your flue doesn’t open properly or there’s a general build-up of dirt and debris, you could be looking at a potential disaster. Take the time to make sure the unit is clean and in working order before you set anything ablaze.

Properly Store Outdoor Furniture: Patio furniture and outdoor grills left to the weather elements probably won’t survive and won’t be useable next summer. Protect them by putting them away. That doesn’t mean just tossing them in a shed or garage—they still may get dusty, rusty, and damaged. To keep each piece looking good-as-new, enclose them in a weatherproof cover and stack them indoors.

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