First Home Fridays: The Basics of Home Staging

Home staging, Home salesYour first home isn't just the space you live in. It's possibly the biggest investment you've made in your life so far. So, doesn't it make sense to take all the steps you can to get the most back out of your investment?

Home staging is one of those steps when selling your home that can make a huge difference in how much it sells for and how quickly it goes.

To help give first timers a professional's insight on staging, I interviewed Catherine, president of the Professional Stagers Network Association (PSNA) and founder of Ambiance Home Staging. Catherine has staged hundreds of homes in the Halton area, and has built a wide network of certified, experienced and knowledgeable professionals who help her turn properties into "must see" homes.

For those who have never heard of it, what does "staging" a home mean?

Staging a home is the process of preparing a house for the real estate market to deliver a product that buyers will want to buy.
In fact, with staging being more popular than ever, buyers are drawn to “move-in-ready” houses that deliver the “wow” factor that they are looking for.  Our company works with realtors and home owners to make the changes necessary to give homeowners the best chances of selling faster and for more money.  Your house is probably the biggest asset in your portfolio, you need to market it to give you the best return.  
What is the home staging process, from the moment you're hired to the point a house is sold?

Staging is a 3 step process:
Step 1: We meet with the homeowners in the house and do a consultation. We through the house room by room and detail what should be done to get the property ready for the real estate market.
Home stagingStep 2: The work gets done either by the homeowner or we can assist by managing the process.  Tasks could include, painting, repairs, updating or simply minimizing items displayed through the house - this is also called de-cluttering or de-personalizing. Homeowner decides how much or how little they do. It is totally up to them and their budget.
Step 3: Staging or showcasing the property. Our team arrives with accessories, artwork and maybe furniture if needed, and we give your home a “makeover” that will deliver the flow, the functionality and highlight the right features in the house. Showcasing your property is basically marketing your house to appeal to buyers.
How much of the staging process is the homeowner's responsibility and how much is the responsibility of a stager, if owners choose to hire one?

The stager will do the consult, help with getting the work done if hired to do so and come back when the work is done for the final staging day. Staging companies should be set up to assist in doing or finding the right people to get the work done for you. 

What is CCSP and PSNA? Why would clients look for that distinction when searching for a professional home staging professional?

CCSP is the Canadian Certified Staging Professional
The CSP designation is recognized by real estate professionals, builders, home stagers, decorators and the average home seller for its brand reputation of excellence. It identifies home staging consultants who have earned a certification in the staging industry that included quality training with vigorous testing and hands-on apprenticeship.

PSNA is the Professional Staging Network Association
This is an association of professional staging business owners who meet on a monthly basis to share information, provide support, and earn from each other as well as from other related industry experts who are invited to present to the group.
Home stagingWhen searching for a stager, homeowners and realtors should verify that they are certified and insured. Go through the stager's website. Look at the before and after pictures and review the recommendations.
How much should home owners expect to spend on staging their home?

Homeowners should expect to spend from 1 to 3% of the price of their house. In the majority of cases this range will cover the cost of staging as well as the prep-work outlined in the consultation report.
Home stagingDoes staging, like fashion and interior design, go through trends?

The principals stay similar but the colour scheme changes to reflect current decorating trends.

What are the biggest staging mistakes you've seen?

The biggest mistakes I have seen are usually done by non-professionals such as:
1:  DIY “experts” who over decorate, which brings in too much personality and reduces the appeal to the larger market.
2:  The other kind of DIY "experts" who remove everything and sterilize the space making it uninviting and cold.


Catherine's fantastic work and her contact info can be found at Ambiance Home Staging.



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