Spring Gardening Tips

The weather is finally warming up and we have arrived at the FIRST long weekend of spring and there is no better time to start working outdoors on our lawns and gardens. Here are a few spring tips to get the process started:

Tip 1 Rake: this is the perfect time to wake up your lawn with a vigorous raking. After a long winter, your lawn is flat and matted down by all the heavy snow we had this winter. Raking your lawn will encourage a new root growth by removing the smothering effects of the matted grass and at the same time rid your lawn of any remnants of snow mold and rodent damage. After raking your lawn, the sun will be able to warm up your soil and your lawn will be green in record time!

Tip 2 Top dress: lightly top-dress your lawn every year to encourage microbial activity and a health lawn. By lightly raking over your lawn with ¼ inch of black gardening soil, you will naturally create a beneficial flora, which will help control thatch, help your lawn’s nutrition PROGRAM work better and make your lawn thick and healthy. (Note: don’t smother your lawn, only spread ¼ of an inch over your entire lawn, 1 big bag of soil will cover approximately 1200 square feet).

Tip 3 Planting a new flowerbedwhen planting your new flowerbed, after returning from the garden center with new plants and shrubs, leave them in their pots and containers. Lay them out in your flowerbed or garden the way you envisioned planting them. Stand back, take a look and move them around until they are just right.

Tip 4 Shaping your Garden: when building a new flowerbed use a GARDEN HOSE to layout the shape before you start. Once you have finalized the shape and size, dig a clean 4 inches deep along the hose to create a transition from the lawn to the new flowerbed. Remove the existing grass with an edging shovel and turn it upside down in the back of your yard to compost it for later use. Loosen the existing soil with a GARDEN FORK then mix in 2 to 3 inches of black garden soil.

Tip 5 Top up your garden with quality soil: when using soil to top up your gardens, spread about 1 inch over your entire garden then use a garden fork to incorporate or mix the new soil into your existing soil. Then top it up with 2 to 3 inches of black garden soil and you are ready to plant! Mixing a little new soil into your existing soil will improve drainage in heavy clay soils and help retain more moisture in light sandy soils, and at the same time enrich and promote healthy vigorous root growth for all your flowers and shrubs!

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