Strategies for Getting Your Home Off the Market Fast

It’s possible to expedite your home’s sale…if you’re prepared to face the risks involved. Most sellers have a specific goal when it comes to selling their home: a quick sale and top dollar. Sometimes fast action doesn’t align with achieving the highest and best value. There are many ideas on this subject, and the perspective varies not only with where you are in the country, but also by price point and neighbourhood. When it comes to pricing and the search for a quick sale, it’s always best to get help from a local agent. Here are some strategies you can use to get offers fast:

The theory of underpricing: underpricing means that you go to market with a list price that is just below what the comparable sales in your area support. You can’t pinpoint the exact market value of a home until it sells. But before you list, there’s always a range. If you price a house at or below the bottom of the value range, you are underpricing the home.

Risk alert: if you price your home low, this plan could backfire. If you don’t know your market and this strategy doesn’t work, you’d better be ready to accept that list price.

Staging and market presentation: well-priced homes that also show well sell quickly. If you want a quick sale, you need to invest some serious time in getting the house ready. Prepping the home means taking out large pieces of furniture and personal items, painting, replacing carpets, finishing floors and doing some minor renovations. Enlist the help of a stager and take their advice, and you can be assured a quicker sale. The investment of time and money will pay itself back.

Risk alert: if you go overboard on staging or you don’t spend the time or money in the right places, it could be a waste. Focus on kitchens and bathrooms, decluttering and cleaning.

Disclose and inspect upfront: in most of Canada, sellers complete real estate transfer disclosures and present them to the buyer, and the buyer simultaneously inspects the home—all once they are in escrow. What often happens is that buyers discover things they don’t like, or uncover issues. When this happens, they may loose confidence in the home or deal. By presenting disclosures upfront, and even providing buyers with a copy of a recent inspection report, you can help them get more comfortable with the home. If you price the home to account for whatever work needs to be completed or for disclosure red flags, buyers will feel more confident, and may make an offer much more quickly.

Risk alert: there is little risk in disclosing an inspecting. If you try to hide something and the buyer discovers it later, you can expect the deal to fall apart—or maybe even face a lawsuit.

Selling your home is a major undertaking. Spend time strategizing and preparing the home for the market. Pricing, staging, presentation and disclosure go hand in hand. If you want a quick sale, price it right, present it in the best possible light, and go out of your way to make buyers feel comfortable with all aspects of the home.


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