The Hidden Costs of Moving During the Holidays

Does it cost more to move during the holidays? Or is this the perfect time to make deals? It seems like the optimal time to move since you have paid time off work, and many of your friends and family will be around to help out. Plus, you can get a good deal on a house because fewer people are looking. But there's no getting around the fact that moving during the holidays can also be costly. Here are some of the hidden costs associated with moving during the holidays:

Moving companies typically charge more: during the holiday season, moving companies typically shut down during the holidays. If you need to hire a mover, especially if you're relocating and need someone to help you from end to end, it'll cost you much more than a regular move. If you must move during the holidays, make a reservation ahead of time. Keep checking in every so often to ensure the truck and the movers will be available, especially over the few days leading up to the move.

You might need to store your belongings: unless you live in a sunny and warm location, you need to be prepared for snow. Snowy, icy and wet conditions are not ideal for moving furniture such as tables, beds, dressers, or anything else. In many cases, moving or rental trucks don't have studded tires to help you out when streets are slippery. You might need to put your belongings in storage until the winter conditions pass. And that will likely require renting a moving truck or hiring a service to get your stuff from storage to your new home.

Uh-oh! The washing machine is overflowing: or the toilet is clogged, or the kitchen sink is backed up. Because regular maintenance is key to preventing plumbing issues, and because you don't know what the previous resident did for upkeep. Some plumbers won't charge you extra for an emergency call during the holidays, but good luck finding a good one. Plan on spending time-and-a-half when you call a plumber for off-hours or holiday fixes.


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