Things to Do Around Your Home During the Fall

Now that summer has sadly ended, it is now time to reorganize your home for the Fall. Here are some useful tips:

Cut the Clutter: Getting organized is a significantly easier task when there’s less stuff to deal with. Before tackling bigger projects, sweep through your home and clear out any clutter that has accumulated during the summer.

Start your Fall Garden Clean up: After a summer of enjoying your garden, it’s time to start preparing it for the winter.

Organize the Broom Closet: Your household chores will go a lot faster once your fall cleaning supplies are under control and organized.

Focus on Clean Air: As the weather gets cooler and you keep your windows open less often, your home will get less and less fresh air from outside. Help keep indoor air quality high by clearing chemicals and invest in a few new houseplants such as, English ivy, peace lilies and gerbera daisies, which can help minimize indoor air pollutants.

Plan your Next Project: From a major kitchen renovation to a paint touch-up in the house, any home project will go smoother if it’s planned well. Even if you’re still in the dreaming phase, that’s no reason not to plan!

Plant Spring Bulbs: Think back to last spring and to how much you appreciated seeing flowers blooming and how it inspired you to buy your spring bulbs. Now is the time to plant them before the first frost.

Use your Leaves: Rather than letting the city take away your fallen leaves make good use of them. If you have a compost bin, keep bags if leaves nearby to add periodically throughout the winter. Another option is to make leaf compost-fill a garbage bag with shredded leaves, a few handfuls of soil and some water, close the bag, and shake once a week. By spring you should have usable leaf mold.

Prep the Fireplace: If you’ve gone natural gas, you can skip this step. But if your fireplace is old-fashioned, make sure to get it and the chimney cleaned professionally. Don’t forget to stock up on firewood, kindling and long matches so you’re ready to start a fire.


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