I normally deal with things I feel very confident in - but not this time.

I recently was asked to help price a small complex, about 18 units for a small builder.  I liked his location but I noticed there were no basements.  I protested I could not sell units without basements and I felt it was not viable, that he should redo his plan.  His response - had I noticed an increase in asthma and allergies in the children born in the 70's and 80's.  How if the staple of our  childhood - the peanut butter sandwich  was now viewed as a lethal weapon, well yes that did seem familiar.

While according to him basements are a breeding ground for respiratory ailments and allergies, there is a direct relationship between the two.  He points out these problems were relatively unheard of until we became enamoured with sub terrain  in-habitation.  He claims we gained storage and recreation rooms at the expense of our children.

As a realtor I love basement space, but if he is right, the price may be to high.

Is this a marketing or a health issue????

Harold Pope

Harold Pope

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