Five Obstructions to Selling Your Home

There is no shortage of good advice on how to market your home.  I have read excellent articles on staging your property.  The importance of pricing and the value of a good marketing strategy, but sometime our greatest barrier is the  home owners themselves.  With this in mind I would like to cover my five greatest obstructions.

1.     The first is relatively simple, but very common "I don't have to sell", my response is "I'll only show it to people who don't have to buy."

2.      I did not have time to do that - but tell your people to ignore the empty pool, the broken fence, the garage door that is off its hinges, etc.  I don't know how to do that.

3.      Imagine - if you put a stairway in, or a wall here, a door there, nothing to it - but your have no plans, permits or even sure it's possible.

4.      My last house didn't sell well because my agent did not advertise in the right places.  I am still looking for that magical publication for people who will over pay!

5.      And my personal favourite - Don't show me comparables because when we bought this house we must have looked at a hundred homes - and you know why we bought this one - because it's special.

We do not get paid to almost sell your home.  We are on your team and have spent years tracking the market, so as to put your property in its most advantageous position.  Just like an old TV show Dragnet use to say "Let's stick to the facts!"





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