Landscaping Tips to Increase Curb Appeal and Value!


As the warm weather approaches, we all like to get out our shovels and shears and give our homes a personal feel. This can be a very beneficial project both for your health and your property value. But, if you have a plan you will have more success.

The first step is to get a compass and see how your home aligns. This helps to determine how much light you get and along with consideration of any large trees you will be able to pick vegetation that thrives in your yard. The internet is a good source of ideas but we prefer to look at neighbourhood yards and mix and match to your preference, as these are proven to be successful in your area.

Once you have a plan you will need to prepare the site. A load of triple mix seems daunting at the time but you’d be amazed how fast it goes. This is a good time to consider an automatic irrigation system which you can put on timers and save lots of aggravation. Another time saver is to buy a set of comealongs. These are inexpensive cable winches that are excellent for pulling out small shrubbery.

When it comes to landscaping, more is not necessarily better to get the best visual impact. You need one or two focal points and the rest will support and enhance the theme. Waterfalls make a good visual statement but are very labour insensitive and like a pool they need to be shut off and winterized, cleaned and set-up again come spring time. Ornaments can help set a theme but be careful not to get carried away for enhancement can turn to cluttered before you know it.

Weed control is a fairly controversial as of late but if you choose to be chemical free the time to start is at the very beginning. The use of mulch and various ground covers will save hours of weeding later.

Porches, decks and patios not only increase your home value but are wonderful for relaxation or entertaining if they are done right. Don’t use pressurized wood. Realtors recommend removal of those before the sale of a home for health reasons, as they are arsenic and often considered unsafe.

We could elaborate for ages on mertis and cons of things to get your started but here are a few tips to get you started. From a realtor’s perspective, curb appeal can translate into thousands of dollars in profit, so in the end, a few dollars and hours spent to improve your landscape can make you healthier and wealthier!

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