The World Is But a Stage

You do not have to be Shakespeare to recognise that the presentation of a home can be very advantageous to the sale.  The craze to stage has become the end all and be all of today's marketing, companies are popping up all over with the solutions to your marketing problems.  There is a truth to what they are saying, for we all feel we are well educated people with the ability to look past surface distractions and see the real hidden beauty beneath the surface.  But the fact is we are all susceptible to our sub conscious observations and staging does fix that.

You can go to great lengths staging and spend a substantial about of money but if you follow a few basic steps you can greatly improve your marketability and make a stressful time run more smoothly and increase your profit.  Everyone focuses on the inside, but start with curb appeal, cut the grass, edge the lawn, trim the hedge, resurface the drive, work up flower beds and plant some annuals, paint the trim.  It takes more effort than money, but if you keep track of your hours, you will be amazed with the end result. 

Now you have curb appeal - lets go to the front door, the lock works smoothly, hand rail is secure.  You open the door - the hallway is clear of clutter, no stack of shoes, lots of room to hang coats, umbrellas etc.  The hallway is bright and clean, maybe a mirror and a little tray for keys.  The secret to success from here is lack of clutter even if you have to rent storage - go to a minimum amount of furniture.  People have in envision their possessions in your space and you want as few distractions as possible.  Remove all personal items - family pictures, bowling trophies, religious icons.  This is all about the house and the cleaner the better.  Wash all windows, you want the bathroom to sparkle.  We know this is a difficult lifestyle, but it is only for a short time.  Make sure your closets are only 3/4 full, this enhances the thought of lots of closet space.  Clean the basement, discard what you can and store the rest.   Make sure you have adequate lighting.  If your basement is unfinished, you want  people to feel that it has potential.  Last but not least -  and this may be the hardest - the pets have to go.  It is only for a short time, but we live in a world of allergies and animal phobias.  The percentage  says no pets is beneficial.

After all the effort you put in and you stand back and say the house looks so good - I don't think I want to sell now - that is when you set a new bench mark for sales on your street.

Harold Pope

Harold Pope

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