One of the main aspects of selling a home is to set a price about 3% higher  than we expect.  Now in this rising market that seems almost impossible, which puts us back on the old adage - "It is worth what someone is willing to pay!"  The demographic changes as the population ages, employment opputunities arise, all sorts of things and for every plus there is seems to be a negative. 

For instance - swimming pools - lots of people will only look at homes with a pool, but their number is declining.  So for a majority now a pool is a negative.  If a buyer finds a property they love but no pool and they want one they will consider installation, but should it be the other way they will take a pass.  Bottom line is a smaller buyers pool.  No pun intended! 

Another is a ravine lot or backing onto a nature trail.  Some love the idea of hiking and nature outside their back door.  Others look at it as a crime line, easy access and exit for theives and understandable.  Also the deer look so nice when you look out your window, but then they eat your shrubs and plants.

How about these walkin baths people spend a lot of money installing. The problem is sitting in a bath waiting for it to fill and also drain when finished.

One of my favourites is an escarpment lot overlooking the city.  At night the lights are beautiful and on a clear day you can see for miles.  But not so nice if your child or dog goes over the edge chasing a frisbee! 

Water front - another one of my favourites!  But I have lots of people not prepared for riparian rights or complain of the odour in the heat of summer.  The bottom line is one size does not fit all when it comes to home sales and these pop up companies that home school you or give super cheap commissions is that really give litte for what they charge and the real loser is the seller who save on a commission - but lost thousands on the sale!  Penny wise - Pound foolish!!!

Harold Pope

Harold Pope

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