Sales people refuse to do it - the public would ban it on a majority vote - politicians get elected doing it - churches build congregations by doing it - the list goes on. What terrible thing do I speak of - "The dreaded cold call!"

If nobody likes it, then why is it so popular?  Well the truth is it works.  You may take a lot of abuse, but it attaches a person to a name and it can give you an excellent feel for the community.  The first step to success is - Know your product - the second is - Know your community.

Now after you have been in Real Estate for a few years you build up a clientele and you no longer want your card ripped up in your face, have the water hose turned on you or have someone sic their dog on you.  So you tend to let the cold call slide.  But not all the time.  If you get a realtor at your door and they are not new to the business - there is a reason.

The first reason is we have a client looking for a specific type of property and your property fits the criteria.  Now you do not have to sell, but remember, they asked you so one would expect a premium, you might gain some valuable information.

The second is land assembly.  This being someone wishes to buy all the property in an area for a specific purpose.  This can be very profitable - but I have seen several apartment buildings and plazas cancelled because someone got too greedy.  Once again I feel it would be prudent to call off the hounds and listen to what is being said.

I recently was commiserating with a fellow coffee shop patron about a need for a specific property.  When he gave me a name and number of an owner who might like to sell just what I wanted.  I started to realize something strange when he asked me to please do not mention his name.    Well I called and got 5 minutes of abuse and interagation.  I said I was just asking and he says call my agent - Burlington Bob - and hangs up.

The moral of the story is - Do not discard a deal until you know what it is about!


Harold Pope

Harold Pope

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