Why Century 21?


A long-time friend popped by the office the other day to wish us well and congratulate us on our new business venture, and was curious as to why we invested in a Century 21 franchise after being in the business for so many years already.
            I considered this question and thought the answer is one I should share with my clients. I have narrowed it down to five reasons why I am now selling with Century 21, as follows:

  1. The Recognition: you can go anywhere in the world and say “Century 21” and people nod knowingly, immediately tying the business to Real Estate.
  2. It’s a Global Franchise: whether my clients are coming or going anywhere in the world, Century 21 has an office on the other side to help make the process smoother and more efficient.
  3. Relocation in Hamilton: Hamilton is experiencing a change from an industrial city to a science and technical center which is requiring an influx of highly skilled professionals, and we want to be first to help with their relocation to our community.
  4. Market Trends:  because Century 21 is such a large organization, it is first in detecting market trends, enabling us to advise our clients at the earliest time possible.
  5. Tech Support:  because 70% of all real estate transactions now begin on the internet, to survive in today’s market, you need a strong internet presence. Century 21, in our opinion, represents us in the best way possible in order to cater to our clients!

The bottom line is, we want to provide the best service possible for our clients. We believe Century 21 offers the tools we need to make that possible, and we are looking forward to serving our community under our new franchise, Valley Ridge Realty. Our experience, coupled with Century 21’s tools and support, makes us confident in helping you buy or sell your home with efficiency, and make it a great experience along the way!

Harold Pope

Harold Pope

Sales Representative
CENTURY 21 New Age Realty Inc., Brokerage*
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