Beat the Taxman and Energy Efficency

In Christina Blizzard's comment page in the Toronto sun of Feb. 23/10 she asks the question " How much will the new HST. cost consummers. According to the Ministry of finance the HST will ad $ 100.00 to the average electrical bill and for natural gas $ 125.00. Because of new promising discoveries in Canada and the United States it appears that Natural Gas prices should remain constant, at least for a few more years. However, as the Ontario government pushes for more solar and wind power as a source for more of our electricity,(at a subsidized rate) and our nuclear power generation has to be replaced and expanded our electricity costs will be increasing as will the subsequent HST.
 We can be proactive with our homes and investment properties. Although the Federal Government grants for renovations are not going to be renewed, there are still great programs for energy efficent upgrades and improvements including windows/doors insulation and hi-efficency furnaces. Go to my web site , log on to my blog and click on the link to CMHC and go to the consumer section. You can check out the grants from the Provincial and Federal governments. If you live in the Peterborough region check out Peterborough Greenup or the Energuy.
 Jay Leno has taken action to almost eliminate any electrical costs associated with his garage. As you may not know, Jay has one of the great auto/bike collections in North America, and all the restoration work is done in his shop. Auto garages, dealerships and body repair shops consume huge amounts of electricity and energy. By using solar power he has reduced his costs He is now having a magnetic wind turbine installed which is engineered and built by Enviro Energies of Grimsby Ontario. For a fascinating look at his collection and shop go to www.Jay Leno's and to see a video of this wind turbine,scroll down the right side of the Home Page to " Green Garage " and to the Magnetic Turbine link.
 See there are ways to save energy and beat the " Taxman"

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