Town of Newmarket Ontario: What makes Newmarket a great place to live?


Hey all,

Do you ever have a song in your head that won't go away? Or every time you think of a certain place or thing you've done a specific song comes to mind? Or in my case to my lips.. I seem to always be singing. I am so sorry if you ever happen to be near me while that is taking place!

town of newmarket york region blue population sign

"This city is my city

And I love it, yeah I love it

I was born and raised here

I got it made here

And if I have my way, I'm gonna stay here"

Those lyrics always ring in my head when I’m thinking of all of the reasons I LOVE living in the town of Newmarket… Although I really have no idea what the song is about that chorus always starts pouring out of my mouth! Again I apologize to all the unsuspecting bystanders.

The lyrics are not entirely true for me though.. I was not born or raised here. I was born in a small town of about 3000 people and when I turned 18 headed to the freedom of Toronto as most people my age did. I spent years going back and forth between my hometown of Haliburton, ON and Toronto. It wasn’t until I was looking to invest in real estate (and after mass amounts of research) that I landed in Newmarket. Here I found a place that I could set some real roots.

This is the most awesome place to live! I feel like I have found the perfect blend of country and city life here. I can jump on a bus or the GO Train and get downtown in an hour, I can hop on the 404 or the 400 and easily drive into the city or head for the country in no time. I love the convenience of having everything I need in a place where you can still park in front of whatever store you are going to. I completely adore Main st. I love that it is small enough to run into my neighbours while I’m out and about but big enough that there is never a shortage of events and activities taking place to keep me busy! Another thing I LOVE about Newmarket is that I run into dog lovers everywhere! If you know me you know I am a huge animal lover but in particular a dog lover. I have a 6 year old Australian Shepherd, Dexter, and he also loves this town! Everywhere we go there are other dogs and their humans for us to meet. We have met some of the best pups and people here!



As Dexter and I tour the town of Newmarket and enjoy the local stores, restaurants and activities we will keep you posted on the amazing places, events, people and pets we run into! If you see us out and about please come and say hi! If there are any great events coming up that you know of make sure to let me know so I can write it here and come check it out for myself!

I’m looking forward to sharing with all of you why I love living in Newmarket so much! I'd love to hear why you guys love it too!

Talk soon,




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