5 Reasons to Start Shopping!


It can be a little a hard to tell in our neck of the woods, but it seems quite possible that spring is just around the corner! Here are 5 great reasons to start shopping for your new home now!

1- MARKET CHANGES- It is quite possible that with the warmer weather and more buyers coming out of the woodwork, that more properties will start to sell and prices could be on the rise, so finding and purchasing that home this spring could offer you a better home for your money!

2- INTEREST RATES AT ALL TIME LOWS - Contact our in house mortgage broker, Karen Lesser with HLC Mortgages, to find out exactly what rates are available for you. Also, keep in mind that the mortgage rate you are given when pre qualifying for your purchase can be guaranteed for up to 90 days!

3- OPTIONS,OPTIONS,OPTIONS - There is a very large selection of properties available this spring. As buyers start to enter the market, many of the best values will be sold quickly so now is the time to find your dream home at the best price!

4- LONG TERM INVESTMENTS - We have seen real estate come out of this downward market trend in 2012. Even in poor conditions real estate has been known to be a better investment than the stock market! Buying your home now will bring you the comfort of a place for family to gather now, and the equity to prepare you for retirement later.

5- VISIBILITY - Buying your home in spring makes it possible to view the entire property. With all the snow and ice melted away, your yard and the exterior of your home are completely visible, making it easier to see exactly what your purchasing. Not to mention the ease of moving your belongings without worrying about a blizzard making everything much more difficult.

-For more reasons/explanations on buying or selling this spring or to find out where your property fits into this spring market call me at 403-845-7772 and I would be happy to help!


Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson

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