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There is nothing better than a summer evening in Kelowna! I've had the opportunity to run into the marimba players below -- Their delightful energy and music draws probably the biggest crowds I have ever seen congregating around street performers in Kelowna. 

Buskers by the bushel will be back on Bernard Avenue, Thursday.

The second annual Buskers on Bernard event kicks off at 7 p.m. with musicians, clowns, dancers, ballon artists and more.

The mini busking festival showcases local talent.

Renata Mills with Festivals Kelowna says research before the 2014 event found Kelowna might not be ready to pull off a large-scale buskers festival.

“This is a great way to test the waters, though,” she explains. “We have seen an amazing number of artists come in our office over the years as buskers, and this was a really neat way to draw attention to them in kind of a condensed manner.”

There will be 15 buskers lining the streets this year, starting at the Sails, winding through Kerry Park and down Bernard to Pandosy.

“This year, we will probably have two or three buskers per block on both sides of the street,” says Mills. "For those not familiar with the etiquette of busking, patrons show their appreciation for the performers by tossing a loonie or twoonie in the performer’s hat following or during the performance. As such, people should be sure to raid their piggy banks and fill up their pockets with change."

Some acts to look for are:

  • Jonathan Heaven, who will play a "hang" – a percussion vessel shaped like two bowls stuck together
  • Zac Gauthier, a drummer
  • A six-piece ukulele ensemble called “Ukenagan”

“This fun new event in our series is just another way we can bring culture to the community and provide a showcase opportunity for our local, talented artists and performers," says Mills. "How fun will it be to see so many performers all doing their thing at the same time?"

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