How to Help with the Flood Relief

The floods in our province this year have been devastating. Thousands of people have been displaced from their homes with no clear timeline of when they will be able to return. Naturally, it takes a lot of time and effort to recover and repair the life changing effects of the powerful surge of water. Our government has whole heartedly committed to help every resident rebuild their home and many Albertans have been asking how they can help.

Below is a list of organizations that you can contact to contribute to the rebuilding effort. Every little bit counts!

If you prefer to contribute with a monetary donation, the Canadian Red Cross and Salvation Army will be sure to put your funds to good use.

There have been numerous kiosks set up around the province to solicit donations as well. Unfortunately, there are always those unsavory people who take this opportunity to scam others. Be sure to research the organization that you wish to donate to. If something doesn’t seem right, move on and donate elsewhere.

As time goes on, attention to the devastating flood wanes on the news and social media. We all need to be aware that the recovery will take many months and, in some cases, years to complete. It is important for us as a province to come together and help our fellow Albertans in need!


Helen Harder

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