3 Questions every Homebuyer should ask!

We’ve all been there, enticed by the beauty that we ignore all the other flaws… Has this happened to you when buying a home though? We spend years saving up for a down payment, we are finally ready to commit to a home. We spend every evening with our realtor going from house to house and then it happens. We walk into a brand new home with the color scheme we wanted and the most amazing kitchen ever! What’s next? This is where so many homebuyers and realtors are learning a lesson the hard way. Rather than asking the hard questions they get blinded by the beauty and commit. Here are three of the difficult questions that you need to ask both your realtor and the home builder when buying new.

#1. Who is the builder?

Background check. Check out the builders’ website and ask around. How long has the builder been working in the area? Do they have a good reputation in the community? Are they known for skipping corners? If your realtor has been around the industry for a while they should know the kind of work the builder does and be able to provide some insight.

#2. How does warranty work?

We get enticed by the fact that all new homes now have warranty so we make assumptions rather than getting details. Some builders will contact the homeowner when it is time for warranty. They will book an appointment with you for a walkthrough and then book follow-up appointments in which the required items are repaired, sounds nice doesn’t it? Unfortunately they don’t all work this way. Some builders require the homeowner to book appointments with each of their subcontractors to do the necessary repairs.

#3. Tell me about the area and future development?

Just because there is an empty field behind the house right now does not mean it will remain that way. Ask your realtor what the property is zoned for; better to find out now what kind of future development will be happening than to suddenly have an apartment complex blocking the view you fell in love with. Ask about schools and parks in the area. It can also be very beneficial to ask your realtor about crime and safety in that specific neighbourhood. If a person is brand new to the city they could have no idea they are putting themselves in a potentially dangerous situation, just ask.


It can be difficult and discouraging to ask some of these questions but I believe in the long run it will be worthwhile. Don’t be fooled by a perception but dig deeper and I am sure you will find the home that is everything you hoped it would be. 

Helen Harder

Helen Harder

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