Backyard Party!

The sun shining and long summer nights just beg for us to throw backyard parties, but who wants all of that work? Although hosting such events can be a huge hassle they are usually worth it. You create new memories, enjoy laughter with friends, and receive many compliments about the GREAT decor ideas. Here are some ideas on how to throw a backyard party that is sure to be a hit!

First you've got to decide the big details. How many people will be coming? Is it strictly adults or families? Do you have a space that can hold all of the people? Once you have some numbers in your mind and an idea of your age demographic the real fun begins.

Consider a theme. Although a theme is not mandatory it will tie everything together and help set a mood. Some themes could be Country, Garden Party, Carnival, Fiesta, or whatever else you can come up with.

  •        Country

                        -Decor: use mason jars as cups and flower vases, hay bales can double as seating, wheelbarrows filled with ice to hold beverages, the classic bright red and white plaid table cloth is a much and picnic tables are encouraged.

                       -Food: think typical "American" food. Serve a variety of meat, different salads (macaroni salad, potato salad), Corn on the cob, and baked potato also fit in nicely. Lemonade and fruit punch are great refreshment choices.

                     - Entertainment: If children are present you'll want to make sure they can enjoy themselves also. A potato sack race is a mess free but enjoyable idea (not limited to children). Bobbing for apples is a little less sanitary but still enjoyable. If you're really committed you could also provide cowboy hats for them to sport.



  •   Garden Party

                               - Decor: think earthy and lots of natural elements. The more flowers the better. Stumps and pine cones work great as table decor. Burlap, pastels, and wood benches all add to the effect. This idea can also be made more feminine (think tea party).

                              - Food: try to go very organic, "fresh out of the garden" for your food choice. Vegetables prepared in a variety of ways, shisk kabobs, grilled paninis, and other small finger foods would fit the theme nicely. Cupcakes for dessert are both easy and tasty. Iced tea, juice, and water all go well for drinks.

                             - Entertainment: Bocce ball and croquet are both great garden games, you could also set up X's and O's in a large version with rocks labelled appropriately.



  • Carnival

                                    - Decor: This is all about bright colors and creating a fun looking atmosphere. Balloons, streamers, light up signs. You want to portray a carnival. Consider using tickets as decor. Bright colored table cloths and chairs are both encouraged.

                                   - Food: think unhealthy real-life carnival food. Hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, soft dough pretzels, fries, and tons of candy. Bright colors of pop and juices all fit nicely.

                                 - Entertainment: A photo booth filled with props is both easy and entertaining for all ages. The bean bag toss is a classic games along with the ring toss. For added fun try grass twister or a balloon dart board.



The key to a backyard party is to commit and just have fun with it. I hope your party is a great success filled with laughter and new memories. Enjoy!

Helen Harder

Helen Harder

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