Happy New Year!!

The New Year IS here,and with reflecting on the past year, I wanted to express my thankfulness, my joy and my gratefulness.

 This was a tough year for many Canadians; oil prices went down, jobs were lost, the Fort McMurray fire destroyed homes, the Canadian dollar dropped and people struggled. As the year began there was a heaviness and hopelessness that hung over many lives. I watched the year progress and was amazed at the different people I met, all at different stages, but joyful and encouraging. When I became a REALTOR® I wanted to sell homes but that was not my main reason for getting into the profession. I became a REALTOR® because I wanted to help people. I had years of building experience and genuinely wanted people, strangers, everyone to accomplish dreams and to know that someone cared about them through such a complicated (and sometimes crazy) process.

Professionally, this past year I came up shy on some of my goals but personally it was a great year of growth. I got to work with old family friends who felt the pressure to buy a home,  instead encouraged them to wait until it felt right for them. I met investors who were able to get some great deals on homes while it was a buyer’s market. I worked with Harder Builders and saw some of the beautiful homes that they built this year. I helped clients who had to downsize with the market changes and others who had to upsize because of a growing family. I had the pleasure of reconnecting with old clients and the excitement of meeting new ones as well. It was quite a year!

I just wanted to express my joy and gratitude to each one of you. I have a great team around me and feel so lucky to be able to call what I do my job. My clients are incredible and have taught me and encouraged me more than I can say.  I hope that each of you are able to look back on the last 12 months and see the joy.


Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!

                    Helen Harder

Helen Harder

Helen Harder

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