Using a Professional (Part 1)

There are many things in life that people can do without professional help: taxes, renovations, and buying a home to name a few. Although these things can all be done without a professional I believe there are arguments as to why using a professional is beneficial especially when it comes to buying a home. I often hear comments from people about buying a house without a REALTOR® or questions in retrospect so I want to inform about what I do.

Upon meeting we try to figure out what the buyer’s are looking for. Is there a specific area of town that they want to be in? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Do they want it to be completely finished or to be a renovation house? After going through the initial want list I refer them to a trusted mortgage broker.

The appointment with the mortgage broker involves a thorough credit check, debt disclosure, and all income information. When meeting with the mortgage broker it is important to know that full disclosure is needed! Some people think they can leave out some things to make their portfolio appear better however this information always ends up coming out and sometimes it crashes the deal so it is better to be upfront. After all of this information is collected it gives us a pre-approved amount that allows us to know what price range to begin the search.

After this meeting with the mortgage broker we set up showings. I go through the system and send the buyer a variety of listings for them to look through. I get feedback on likes and dislikes and from there we compile the list for showings.

I have lived in Grande Prairie for over 20 years with a huge amount of that time spent in the building industry so I know a few things to look for at showings. Being in the building industry for so long and doing a few house flips myself allows me to see beyond what a house is to what it could be.

It is easy for clients to get frustrated when they look at so many houses and can’t find one that seems right. In real estate the market is constantly changing, houses are always being sold and listed. Just because there isn’t a house that meets the buyer’s specifications this week doesn’t mean that next week will be the same. I take my clients hiring me as a huge honour but also a large responsibility. I am constantly checking the database for new listings and speaking to different connections to see what is all coming on the market and trying to find the right property for my clients. It is a huge investment and I want them to be pleased with their decision. At the end of the day it is always about the client and their best interest, when we are out looking at houses or considering making an offer on one I give them the same advice that I would give to my own family.

Stay tuned for part two of the blog where I share how a REALTOR® helps once the right house is found. 

Helen Harder

Helen Harder

Helen Harder

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