Valentine's Day

I find Valentine’s Day to be one of the trickiest “holidays” to participate in. The idea of it, celebrating love, is a fantastic thing but I feel we have made it too compartmentalized. I remember being a young child in school and we gave Valentine’s Day cards to everyone in our class. The day was about feeling good about how many cards (and candy) you received and trying to make other people feel good as well. Somewhere as we age the holiday turns into something strictly for couples. While it is important to celebrate love between you and your significant other, I think all the people in our lives could use a day to feel and receive that love. Love is not strictly between two people in a romantic sense; it is between families, friends, and co-workers. There is so many different ways to give and receive love so my challenge this Valentine’s Day is to remember your significant other but also everyone else who you appreciate it. If this is a foreign concept to you or something you really struggle with here are some ideas that will hopefully allow you to express to people how much you care for them and appreciate them being in your life.

To the people in your life who love getting presents:

  • A Valentine’s Card; it can be silly and good for a laugh or serious letting them know they’re valued
  • The classic chocolate is always well received (bonus points if you know their favorite and make a cheesy slogan like "I SNICKER at the thought of life without you")
  • Try buying them something specific to your relationship. An inside joke, or saying that they will immediate associate with you and memories together

To the people in your life who love when you do things for them:

  • Shovel the driveway (if you live in the snowy North, this is very practical)
  •  Clean the house (I know Mothers are especially fond of this one)
  •  Help them with a DIY task they’ve been wanting to do but procrastinating

To the people in your life who just want to spend time with you:

  • Plan an unexpected hangout, think of something fun like tobogganing or skating (fun but affordable) then buy them hot chocolate to warm up
  • If they don’t live near you, take some time and call them (Grandma’s LOVE hearing from their grandchildren and love it even more when you take an evening just to visit with them)
  • Boards game night, why not get some friends or family together and just enjoy each other’s presence and laughter

To the people in your life who love words:

  • Try writing a poem, even if it seems silly to you they will love the thought and all the effort you put in
  • A card, once again this can be serious or funny. Either way they will appreciate the sentiment
  • Try writing a letter, a love letter for friends or family. Just say things you appreciate about them or have learnt from them.

With Valentine’s Day a little can go a LONG way. The idea of getting something, even time, from a friend/family member on such a couple focussed day is incredibly flattering. Happy Valentines/ Love sharing Day!

Helen Harder

Helen Harder

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