We Stand on Guard for Thee!

In light of recent events that have affected our country and with Remembrance Day approaching it only feels appropriate to write a short note to those who defend our country every day. To those public servants who allow us to live the life we do.

I want to start with a simple thank you to those who serve our country; whether it is in the military or a police officer. Thank you for risking your life on a regular basis for me, a perfect stranger, but a Canadian. Thank you for believing that my citizenship alone makes me worthy of defending. I know in your line of work there is often a lack of appreciation, a questioning of what you’re doing and if it is morally right. On days like that I just want you to know that it matters, what you’re doing matters and is greatly appreciated. You are a hero.

Secondly I want to express gratitude to your families. Thank you for believing in the greatness of this country we live in. For believing in this country so much that you are willing to sacrifice time that could be spent with a loved one, to sacrifice the “American Dream” that could have been your life, and sometimes to be willing to say goodbye to your loved one for the greater good of the people. You are a hero.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to my fellow Canadians.This country is truly one of the greatest places in the world and that is in part because of all the incredible people who live here. The politicians who ensure we keep our freedoms and move forward in a positive way. To the teachers who educate our minds and ignite passion in students to make our country better, to the students who soak this in and make change. To the garbage men who rise early to ensure our country is clean and well kept. To the doctors who are saving lives and take care of our health. To the builders who provide homes for us to live in. To everyone who makes this country worthy of defending, you are a hero and together we are Canada Strong.

Helen Harder

Helen Harder

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