5 Tips for Waking Up Your Yard This Spring

                                       5 Tips for Waking Up Your Yard This Spring


     The first sign of spring brings the anticipation of barbecues with friends, and playing outside

with your kids, all while admiring the beauty of your backyard. Lawn and garden maintenance

can be challenging for some homeowners, but with a good head start before the season awakens

creating the perfect backyard oasis is achievable. Below are a few tips from the pros to help you

prep and maintain your yard this year.

     Invest in the Right Tools: Having a shed full of gadgets isn’t necessary for growing a healthy

lawn and garden. Stick to the high­quality necessities to get the results you’re after. A quality

lawn mower with all­wheel drive makes it easier to maneuver across slick and hill terrain, while

a lightweight trimmer that is compatible with multiple attachments minimizes the number of

tools you’ll need.

     Aerate the Lawn and Loosen the Soil: Grass and plants grow best in a moist and fertile bed.

After a tough winter, to alleviate soil compaction which prevents proper circulation of air and

nutrients, take the time to aerate the lawn and loosen the soil. Be sure to moisten the soil ­

aerating is best done the day after watering or rainfall.

     Clean up the Beds: Get rid of annuals and plants from your garden that aren’t growing well or

are overgrowing other plants. This is the perfect time to start a compost pile if you don’t already

have one and to remodel your landscape.

     Trim the Hedges: The way to get a good­looking hedge always starts with the hedge cutters.

Today, hedge trimming can be smooth and easy. Trimmers that are ergonomically balanced and

lighter in weight are the perfect addition to any tool shed.

     Clear Away the Weeds: Get rid of any weeds as early as possible. Also be sure to cut away

withered leaves and grass from cultivated parts of the garden bed.

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