London 2012 Olympics

Starting tomorrow the world will be watching London.  The Olympics is not only about
Gold, Silver and Bronze pieces of metal...but its about the countries, the athletes
and the fans. 

I was fortunate enough to be at the Winter Olympic Games in 2010. At the Games in
Whistler I heard the loud clang of cowbells at every event. The energizing sound of
the cheers, hollers and horns filled the village everyday.  It was inspiring to see
all these people from all around the world had at least one thing in common...the
pride and passion for their own countries.

The memories that stand out the most was of watching the athletes not during the
event, but watching them prepare for it.

In the men's luge event I walked along the pathway beside the run before it started.
At the top of the hill, I saw a group of athletes all from different countries
standing on the pathway.  All of them in their full uniform.  All of them mentally
preparing for the event.  Some of them with their eyes closed and moving their
bodies left and right as they mentally went through each turn.  In my head I wished
them all the best of luck because they have dedicated a part of their lives for the
sport and for their country.  

So now let's cheer, holler, clang and shout not only for our Canadian athletes but
for the people, the fans and our country.

Henry Tillo

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