Safety on the Internet

      Within this day and age of social media, parents must become aware of how this will impact their children and the potential dangers that may occur. Parents can help their tweens and teens explore the world of social media as safely as possible by following a few simple tips.

     It begins with parents exploring the various social networking sites for themselves so that they are familiar with what is available to their children.

  1. Be Social Media Savvy:

-          Keep up to date on social networking sites that appeal to teens.

-          Set up your own Facebook account so you can “friend” your teen and monitor your teen’s online activity.

-          Use your web browser’s History button to keep track of the websites your teen visits.


     2. Set Limits:

-          Make sure your teen uses privacy settings that limit access to who can view her online profile.

-          Have your teen limit friends to people she actually knows, not strangers; review his/her friend list.

-          Help your teen create a safe screen name that won’t reveal identifying personal information, such as where she lives, gender or age.

-          Explain to your teen why some things, such as telephone numbers, addresses, and financial information, should stay private.


      3.Teach Online Etiquette:

-          Teach teens to think twice before posting photos and videos; once they’re on the web, they are out there, perhaps forever.

-          Caution teens not to use sex talk and to advise you if anyone approaches them inappropriately online, even if they know the person.

     With these simple tips your tween or teen can safely browse the various social medias available to them with your peace of mind.

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