11 Years is a long time in the Toronto real estste market.

I wrote this document for marketing purposes 11 uears ago. Boy have things changed!
Property values have doubled, mortgage rates halved but still people want to invest!

 Have you thought about investing in Real Estate?

 Toronto is growing, residential rental costs are high and affordable vacancy rates are low.

 If you purchase a $225,000 2 unit Semi-detached home with $50,000 down, what kind of return can you expect?

 A $175,000 Mortgage will cost about $1180 per month to maintain at 6.5% interest. With a 2 Bedroom Upper Unit renting for $1100 and a lower 1 bedroom at $700 per month plus utilities, you can anticipate a 10% return on your cash investment, and the property pays for itself in 25 years. Put the entire rent into the mortgage and the property pays for itself in just over 10 years.

 The interest and expenses are tax deductible and the property will likely increase in Value over time.

 Where are the Real estate bargains in the city of Toronto?

Where are properties likely to increase the most?

What will the next hot urban market be?

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