5 Easy Ways to Winterize your Home

Seal up those hidden leaks
One of the simplest ways to retain heat and
reduce energy costs this winter is by installing proper weather-stripping and caulking around the house. Once all doors and windows are properly sealed, it's time to plug those less obvious air leaks.

Invest in a programmable thermostat
The David Suzuki Foundation recommends automatically lowering your household temperature while you sleep or are away at work, and bringing the heat back up when you wake or arrive home. With proper use, you'll never notice the difference in temperature, but your bank account certainly will — you could end up saving more than 10 per cent on your home heating costs.

Add insulation
Adding extra insulation into your attic and crawl-spaces is another simple and effective way to reduce heating needs by up to 30 per cent.

Tune-up your furnace and water heater
By scheduling a professional cleaning and inspection each fall, your furnace will burn cleaner, last longer and save energy. Also, by changing filters at least twice each winter, you can improve both energy efficiency and air quality in your home.

Mind your pipes and gutters
By making sure that your gutters are clean and pipes are protected, you can save yourself some major repair headaches down the road.Turning off the water to your outside garden hose spigots and draining the lines will prevent water inside from freezing and expanding, which could lead to cracked pipes, water damage and waste.

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