7 Rules of Home Staging

Preparing a home for the market entails many things. Don't get overwhelmed by the details, and begin by fixing these 7 avoidable staging blunders ( as taken by HGTV.com).

  1. Less is usually more in home staging. Keep the décor simple and definitely dismantle theme rooms.
  2. Don’t over personalize your décor. If you know your house is going on the market in the next few years, be mindful of your design choices.
  3. Think Neutral when picking out paint colours.
  4. Clean, Clean, Clean!! Scrub everything and declutter.
  5. Tend to your garden.
  6. Repair what needs repairing; i.e., fix that cracked window pane, replace the broken doorknob, paint the fence. Potential home buyers will notice everything!!
  7. Don’t misuse spaces; i.e., bedrooms should be bedrooms and not closets or storage rooms.

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