8 Questions to ask a Realtor BEFORE you list your property...

Interviewing more than one Realtor is always a good idea.  If you are like most people, your home is your most valuable asset.  You should feel comfortable with the representative you choose.

A good Sales Representative will expect these questions and have answers readily available.

Tell me about your experience

How long they have you been in the business?  Do you work full time in real estate? How active are you?  Do you belong to any networking groups? Are you well known in the community?  Someone with 2 years in the business full-time may have more actual experience than someone with 4 years in the business if they work only part-time.

What makes your company better?

How many offices does your company have? Do you have support staff? Does the company have training to keep you and the other sales representatives updated?  Is the company technologically innovative? How good is the corporate image?

How will you market my home?

How will my home be promoted? Who determines where the ads are placed?  Will you post my property online?  Will you host Open Houses? How often?

What about an online presence?

Do you have your own website? Will my home be advertised there?  Where else will it be? Do you use other sites? How are the postings maintained? Does your company have a website that posts listings? Do you use social networking sites?

Do you have other professionals that you can recommend if I need them?

A good sales representative will have connections to renovators, designers, attorneys, mortgage brokers and bankers, inspectors, stagers and others.

What if I am unhappy?

A good agent will offer a performance guarantee.  They will be confident in their ability to market and sell your home and be willing to cancel the agreement if you are not satisfied.  

What are details of the listing agreement?

How long is the listing commitment?  What is the fee? Will the amount of the fee affect how the property is promoted?

8.  What haven’t I asked that I need to know?

This an opportunity for the sales representative to share additional information. 

Listing your property is a big decision.  By having the answers to the information you need, you will be able to move forward with confidence toward a successful sale.

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