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I Couldn't Sell That House

It seems that of all the properties that I have listed over the years, the houses I couldn't sell are the ones I remember the most. Early on I tried to sell the "cat" house. For 20 years the owners had 5 cats that really owned the house. Neither the cats nor the owners had ever heard of a litter box. The home smelled so badly that my dad's eyes burned after he conducted an agent's open house ...

Be the eyes in your inspections

There is much talk about the home inspectors we use in this business and I'm finding it VERY important to be the eyes for my clients at each inspection.  It's vital that we as agents know what we are talking about when we sit in on an inspection. Let's not just allow the inspector to do the job anymore.  So many times things are missed in an inspection that should have been caught.  ...

Tony Roman Hockey Tournament

The Century 21 'Walker Team' of the Thornhill Community Hockey League provided many thrilling moments while competing in the the Tony Ro man Tournament.  This exciting event is in its 37th year and has become a favourite of players and parents alike.  It is played over 2 weekends and wraps up on Sunday January 17th. There are 134 teams participating in the competition, 41 teams from Markham ...


I'm thrilled to announce the 2010 Runway to Spring Red Carpet Fashion Event to benefit the Easter Seals "Send a Kid to Camp" program.  I am proud to co-host the event with Sandy Galli, publisher of Chloe Magazine and Tim and Linda Maunder of Maunders Food Shop in Aurora. Last year's event was a huge success raising over $12,000 and giving 6 disabled children the opportunity to go toan Easter ...


How real estate has changed from last year (2009) this time.  A year ago, we were frozen with fear--fear of the unknown--will things get worse, will the first time buyers come back into the marketplace, how long will this recession last? Our fear started in Oct 2008, when it felt like someone put the brakes on, when the U.S. economy and banking system started its nosedive into the abyss.  ...